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A Brief History Of Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach has been the home to Between the Flags for over 20 years.

Between The Flags has a strong connection to Bondi beach culture. To better understand Bondi, it is important to understand it's history. "Bondi" is an aboriginal word that translates to "water breaking over rocks". Bondi Beach was originally privately owned and it wasn't until 1882 that the beach was opened to the public. Although opened to the public, travelling to Bondi beach was no easy task. It wasn't until 1933 that Bondi beach finally got a regular bus service. This allowed easy access to people who'd previously been unable to reach the beach.


Today Bondi beach is host to almost 2 million international visitors every year! It's strange to imagine that in the early 1800's swimming in the ocean was illegal! However, by the early 1900's swimming had become a popular pastime and became legalised.The iconic Bondi Beach Surf Pavilion was completed in 1929 and has since been home to Bondi surf sheds, kiosks, and shops. Today the iconic pavilion is home to one of our Between The Flags stores! We've accurately named this store "the Boatshed". The Boatshed encapsulates the essence of Bondi's rich history and surf club culture.

Since the early 20th century, Bondi beach quickly became a domestic and international sensation! Today Bondi beach is widely recognised around the world as one of Australia's most famous beaches. The rise of surf lifesaving was a significant factor in Bondi beach's rise to fame!The popular reality TV show "Bondi Rescue" secured Bondi beach's reputation on an international scale. The show is based around the 35 paid lifeguard professionals that rescue hundreds, if not thousands of swimmers every year! The show is broadcast in over 100 countries and has been in production since 2006.

Bondi has become a highly desirable location to live due to it's amazing beach, laid-back culture and diverse range of people from all over the world! Between The Flags is a proudly Australian brand that sells Bondi clothing and accessories. We stock a wide range of Bondi clothing and beach supplies. Our Bondi clothing range includes menswomens, and kids clothing. Besides clothing we also stock swimwear, activewear, bags, and more! Between The Flags have three Sydney stores that you can visit! To find out our store locations click here!

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