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​Cute Kids Swimwear Trends For This Summer!

Posted by Between The Flags on 22nd Oct 2018

​Cute Kids Swimwear Trends For This Summer!

Stay up to date with the latest Kids Swimwear Trends for this summer 2018-2019!

Most kids love playing at the beach, swimming in the pool, or splashing in whatever water paddle comes their way. When it comes to swimming and water play a child's primary concern is fun, not sun protection. The average kid isn't that worried about quick drying and breathable fabrics or with swimsuit style either.

Parents are left in charge of sun protection, swimsuit fabric, and all the other things dubbed unimportant by children. We know that parents have a limited about of free time and thats why we decided to write this article, to give you a quick insight into what we think are the cutest kids swimwear and clothing trends for summer 2018-2019. 

At Between the Flags we also sell a unique range of boys and girls swimwear. From brightly coloured swimsuits to on-trend bikinis, splashing in the water will be extra fun with our brilliant range of girls swimwear. All of our Kids Beach Patrol range is designed to be sun-smart and offers high UV protection. 

1. Celebrate Colour

Celebrate the bright sunny days with a range of Kids Summer colourful outfits in the latest shades for boys and girls. Girls are sporting a range of pastel colours. Lemon yellows, powder pinks, and pale blue garments are all in this season.

Gingham fabric is back and ombre is making an big appearance too. Mainly the Sunset shades fade, pale orange to feint yellow thinning into white. Boys are a little more butch with camo prints coming to the fore once again. This time in varieties of blue, green, pink and yellow, or teamed with brightly colour items in these shades.

T-shirts and polos with bold stripes, bright colors and prints are what the best-dressed boys will be wearing this summer.

2. Going All Out

Little ladies are going all out with the cutest all-frills fashions. The focus is fresh summer shades are a hot topic in kids fashion this summer. Classic summer dresses with floral prints are popping up all over the place.

Floaty, feminine tops with tassels, an off-the-shoulder cut, or bell sleeves are equally adorable for young teens and their little sisters. If looking for a bolder approach in Kids Summer Clothes, you're safe with animal prints, polka dots, and stripes. Having fun is what it's all about this summer.

3. Denim Is Back and Staying

You can always count on denim as the go-to fabric to make a timeless kids summer fashion statement. Denim is tough, it's easy to care for, stain resistant, and able to withstand rough and tumble games.

Rips and frays are still on trend. Great news for busy little boys. There's a possibility this style was invented by little men indulging in boisterous boyhood games. Youngsters can strut their stuff by pairing a denim jacket with almost any outfit and little denim skirts are back in fashion too.

4. Glam Rock Style

Young guys and girls are stepping back in time with their own toned-down version of the 70's and 80's era of glam rock. Black faux leather, studs, and a little glitter are a charming interpretation of this retro-style when worn by the littlest rock stars. Leggings are super cool and comfortable for active kids and animal prints come to the fore in this look again.

Glam rock has never had a gender bias which makes it a great look for little girls who are going through a tomboy stage. Don't forget a pair of shades and a stylish hat to complete the look.

5. Pattern Love

Along with bright colours comes a slew of geometric designs and bright prints. Travel scenes of palm beaches and deserts are coming back and on plain tees, along with animals, fish and cars.

Geometric motifs are now a big deal. Triangles, diamonds, circles and zigzags all mesh together to form multi-coloured designs. The more bold and intricate, the better. These motifs feature heavily in the latest t-shirt, swimwear, shorts, and dress designs.

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