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Stay Cozy, Stay Cool This Winter at Between the Flags

Stay Cozy this Winter! 

At Between the Flags we know that Winter is all about rugging up and keeping warm. 

In June Sydney is hit from low pressure systems from the Antarctic ocean and also freezing westerly winds.

Lucky for you we've just released our new range of Mens and Womens Hoodies!

Our new range features some laid back Bondi Beach inspired designs. With a diverse range of colours and styles we are sure you'll find something that you love.

At Between the Flags we only use the best materials to ensure supreme comfort and warmth. Our new range of Hoodies are made from the highest quality cottons. 



Make The Most Of Your Summer 2019!

Get out and make the most of your summer with a trip to Bondi Beach! Australia‚Äôs most iconic beach is an iconic summer playground. It has so much on offer to explore and experience. So without further ado, here are our top 4 activities to help make sure your summer and Bondi visit is one to remember!    1. A DAY AT [...]

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A Brief History Of Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach has been the home to Between the Flags for over 20 years. Between The Flags has a strong connection to Bondi beach culture. To better understand Bondi, it is important to understand it's history. "Bondi" is an aboriginal word that translates to "water breaking over rocks". Bondi Beach was originally privately owned and it wasn't until [...]

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