Our Journey

Embracing the Spirit of Bondi Beach

At Between the Flags, our story begins at the heart of Australia's most iconic beach - Bondi. Since 1994, we've been inspired by the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and the adventurous spirit of Australia's beachgoers. Our mission is to bring the essence of Bondi Beach to wardrobes around the globe, offering high-quality beach and surfwear that captures the laid-back yet spirited Australian lifestyle.

Our Ethos

Quality, Authenticity, and Sustainability

We're more than just a clothing brand; we're a tribute to the authentic Australian beach culture. Every piece in our collection is designed with the beach lover in mind, ensuring durability, comfort, and style that lasts. We're committed to sustainability, choosing eco-friendly materials and processes to protect the beautiful beaches we call home.

Our Collection

From the Sands of Bondi to You

Our range includes everything the modern beachgoer needs - from swimwear to casual wear and accessories. Whether you're riding the waves, lounging on the sand, or exploring the urban landscape, our products are designed to bring a piece of Bondi's spirit into your everyday life.

Community and Connection

A Brand That Celebrates You

Between the Flags is more than a brand; it's a community. We celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and the unique stories that each of our customers brings to our shared beach-loving culture. Through our products and engagements, we aim to connect, inspire, and uplift individuals across the globe.

Looking Ahead

Innovation and Inspiration

As we look to the future, Between the Flags remains dedicated to innovation, always inspired by the ever-evolving landscape of Bondi Beach. We're excited to continue our journey, exploring new designs, materials, and ways to bring the best of Australian beach culture to you.

Join Us

Dive Into the Between the Flags Experience

We invite you to explore our collections and become a part of our story. Every purchase is more than just an item—it's an invitation to embrace the joy, freedom, and adventure of Bondi Beach. Welcome to the family.