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Soft and Comfy

Between the Flags is an Australian Clothing and Fashion brand. We are an Australian owned and operated company that started from humble beginnings over 20 years ago. When we first begun our goal was to create an essential range of mens, womens, and kids beachwear. Since then we’ve grown and and so has our reputation! Between the Flags is now an international brand that is widely recognised around Australia.

Between the Flags has invented a new Soft n Comfy range of clothing! Our soft and comfy collection is made with lots of love and from high quality fabrics. Our soft fabrics will make you feel like royalty! We wanted to create a range of soft clothes that are perfect for wearing around the house. Our t-shirts and singlets come in a variety of styles and sizes for all women.

Whether you’re planning on wearing your Soft N Comfy clothes casually, to the beach, or wherever life takes you, you can be sure that it will always look great on. We have a product quality commitment that ensures that all of our garments are made from only the best quality materials and fabrics. All of our garments undergo thorough examination to ensure that they are fit for wear.

All of our soft clothes are made perfect for everyday wear. Each piece of clothing is durable, comfortable and most importantly looks great on all different body types! At Between the Flags our Soft N Comfy collection is made from premium rayon and elastane. Rayon is a versatile fiber, widely renowned to have an intimate soft feel. Rayon is breathable, extremely comfortable to wear and easy to dry.

Between the Flags is Australian owned and operated! This makes us one of the few beachwear brands owned and operated in Australia. We are dedicated to providing you with soft clothes that you’ll never want to take off.

Be sure to shop our exclusive range of Soft N Comfy clothing today! We also partner with Bondi Active to bring you the latest womens activewear.